Sorry State of Guernsey Broadband

Well after reading my good friend Jason (deedoubleyou)’s blog post on the recent upgrade of Guernsey broadband here, I thought i would add my two cents. As I have found out this week, an upgrade to 8mb in Guernsey means an upgrade maybe, if you’re lucky By the way if you read the rest of the post, I really recommend OpenDNS, I think its great.

**Warning: Rant Alert**


An Old Post

As I mentioned in the first post of this install, this blog has been installed and reinstalled lots of times.

However, one page that always keeps coming up my logs as 404’s is requestions for this page. I must get about 20-30 links to this page a week.
Well not this exact post, but to the content that used to be here. So here is that content, recreated, sort of.

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Wassup Stat Tracking

Since I installed WordPress this time, I also installed Wassup a module available from them:
Website here


Kinect Causes RROD

According to the BBC “Online gaming forums have also been buzzing with accounts of consoles showing the Red Ring of Death shortly after plugging in Kinects.


Snow, in Guernsey

Well, its the 1st of December, and we have had small amout of snow in Guernsey. Enough for me to not want to drive to work, call me wet, but this is Guernsey. Snow is srsbsns

This was the view out of my front door this morning:

View this morning

Site News

Snappeh Blog Begins…Again

Well this is the 3rd WordPress installation at this URL.

Hopefully ill be able to go to the hard drive of azaroth (my old server) and be able to pull the old content off that.

Until then; thanks to Jason (deedoubleyou) for hosting this on the VPS for his new company Reformsoft.

So, this is just filler. But real content is on its way soon, maybe, if im not too lazy.