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Rock, Paper, BSOD

Well interestingly the NYTimes have released a bot that plays Rock, Paper, Scissors. As the website states:

A truly random game of rock-paper-scissors would result in a statistical tie with each player winning, tying and losing one-third of the time. However, people are not truly random and thus can be studied and analyzed

But the way the bot works, means the bot can also be studied and analysed…

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Focus CC Review

My parents are looking at getting a new car. They have always liked Fords. The other day I was writing to a friend and decided to update him on my thought on their current thoughts. A Ford Focus CC. I made a small PDF review to send to him, which can be found below.

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Wassup Stat Tracking

Since I installed WordPress this time, I also installed Wassup a module available from them:
Website here