An Old Post

As I mentioned in the first post of this install, this blog has been installed and reinstalled lots of times.

However, one page that always keeps coming up my logs as 404’s is requestions for this page. I must get about 20-30 links to this page a week.
Well not this exact post, but to the content that used to be here. So here is that content, recreated, sort of.

This was a post I wrote about two years ago on fixing the 810030D error message from Windows Live Messenger.

Turns out the error was to do with ZoneAlarm firewall. I cant remeber the exact resolution, and I dont have access to backups from that version of the blog to check.

But it was either allowing the executable associated with Messenger, or a option deep down somewhere. Have a poke around youll find it.

Sorry I cant be of any use, and in hindsight, this post is just a usefull to you guys as a Page Not Found. But atleast you have some kind of pointer now.

Thankyou, Goodnight.