Technical Writing Fail – Guernsey Press

I know Jason was going to cover this at his blog over at, but he hasn’t. And this was posted on the 4th of Febuary, back when the IPV4 exhaustion thing was current. So I thought I would write a little something about this before its entirely outdated.

Everybody knows we are running out of IPV4 address, and has read about it on about a million technical sites. Well our local paper decided do a small section about it in its ‘world news’ section.

As an IT Professional/Technical person, reading this explanation was painful to say the least. Now, I know they are writing for a non-technical audience, but a small attempt for some sort of accuracy would have been nice.

So without further ado, look after the break for a copy of the article, and my points after reading it.

Oh, and Guernsey Press, keep away from technical writing for a bit please


iPhone 3GS Rebooting During Call

Today, one of the most senior people at work came to me with their iPhone 3gs which they claimed would reboot approximately 5-10 minutes into a call.

He said that he had tried rebooting the phone, had tried restoring the firmware, and contacted the iStore who said it would have to be sent away to be fixed.
I decided I would have a look first.


Distance != Quality

After noticing some of the traffic to my previous post came from some google searches, I decided to search for these terms which brought me to the I Like Fast Internet blog at, specifically this post on “Investigating Internet speeds in Guernsey

So it appears im not the only one having woes. But the engineer at C&W blaming the quality of my line, then this blogs mention of distances from the exchange made me wonder. So did some investigation of my own….


Sorry State of Guernsey Broadband

Well after reading my good friend Jason (deedoubleyou)’s blog post on the recent upgrade of Guernsey broadband here, I thought i would add my two cents. As I have found out this week, an upgrade to 8mb in Guernsey means an upgrade maybe, if you’re lucky By the way if you read the rest of the post, I really recommend OpenDNS, I think its great.

**Warning: Rant Alert**