Windows 1 Upgraded To 7

Well you know how you always get told, don’t do a Windows upgrade installation, and always to install from fresh.

This guy took that advice, and then threw it out the window.
As a proof of concept, he has taken Windows 1.0, and done Windows upgrade installations all the way to Windows 7.

It’s interesting that it appeared to hold some of his preferences,all the way from Windows 3.1, including ‘Hot Pink’ backgrounds. He also installs Doom II, and Monkey Island, and they continue to work throughout the upgrades.
Although, id be very interested to see the size of his C: drive and how much crap he has carried over.

Road Rage Redefined

I know I get very upset when people dont use the cycle lane, but this is something else.

In Brazil there was a pro-cycling demonstration, and the man in the car felt ‘threatened’ so drove at the cyclists.
He could now be facing charges of attempted murder.

Anyway, here is the video. This is real!

More information on BBC news here