Analysing My Forecasts

So I’ve now been predicting the weather for a week, and well all I can say is. I’m pretty damn good at it.

I wrote a script to go back in the database, and using the same logic as my current predicting script. It looks at data that would have been available to the system then, and puts a prediction in the database. This was marked as retrospective (although in theory it doesn’t matter).

Here is some output of my results at the time of writing
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Predicting the Weather

Predicting the weather is a difficult task, often taking years of training. Then hours of studying charts, tides to predict weather we are going to be wearing shorts or trousers tomorrow.
I decided to take a more basic approach to attempt to guesstimate what the weather is going to do.

Taking baby steps, I am only predicting 12 hours in the future. But below I will outline the method in my madness.
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